Functional Threshold Power: The Most Important Power Metric


Of all the metrics associated with using a power meter, Functional Threshold Power is the key. Coach Joe Friel lays out what FTP is, why it's important and how to test for it.

Bike Racing 101: How To Get Started


Whether it's a time trial, road race, or criterium, racing your bike for the first time can be intimidating. Coach Jason Short breaks down what you need to know to be safe, ready and confident.

Training for Masters Runners, Part 2: Block Periodization


Block Periodization can help athletes over 40 push themselves while taking into account their limitations. Coach Matt Fitzgerald explains the why and how behind this training concept.

Staying Motivated For Your Training Resolution


Staying motivated after the rush of New Year's resolutions is not easy. Following these simple steps will help you stay motivated and on track to meet your goals.

6 Goal Setting Mistakes To Avoid


Setting the right goals can be a difficult process. Use these tips to avoid common mistakes and set goals that you can realistically achieve.

Setting Training Goals Using Best Bike Split


Setting realistic short term targets is a key to meeting your long term goal. Using Best Bike Split can help you create a realistic and achievable training strategy.

3 Keys to Training for Enduro Racing


Enduro racing takes speed, strength, and endurance. Learn how to build these three key elements to get to the bottom first.

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started in Triathlon


Getting started in triathlon can be intimidating. Read Coach Doug Silk's journey from being 50lbs. overweight to becoming a triathlete and triathlon coach and get the steps you can take to start your own journey.

3 Workouts to Raise Your Functional Threshold Power


Raising your Functional Threshold Power is critical to cycling success. Here are three workouts you should be doing to raise your FTP.

4 Steps to Hiring a Coach


Hiring a coach is a great step towards achieving your goals. Using these steps as guide to make the process smoother and to find the right coach for you.

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