3 Things Triathletes Need to Do This Off-Season To Get Better Results Next Year


Don’t get lost in junk mileage during the off-season; focus on these three areas for big performance gains next year.


4 Tips for Improving Athlete Retention


Follow these four strategies to encourage better long-term coach-athlete engagement, as well as improved performance for your athlete over time.

The Double: How to Peak Twice in a Racing Season


Did your “A” race not pan out or you’re still feeling that competitive fire? If you’ve decided you need to squeeze one more race into this season, here’s how to peak twice so you can find that race-ready form just in time.


Five Tips for Multisport Couples


Balancing your training with your relationship is tricky, and even more so if you both are toeing the starting line. Here are five ways you can better plan and prepare around one another’s training so you each get the support you need.


TrainingPeaks Success Story: How Age Grouper David Donoghue Reached His 70.3 Goals by Working With A Coach


Age-group triathlete David Donoghue’s coach Mike Ricci recounts how they achieved success by dialing in David’s swim and run and slowly improving his bike FTP over a few seasons.


The Athlete-Coach Relationship


In this excerpt from Matt Dixon’s book “The Fast-Track Triathlete: Balancing a Big Life With Big Performance in Long Course Triathlon,” he highlights the importance of the coach-athlete relationship.


How to use WKO4 to Construct Training Plans


The powerful analytical capabilities of WKO4 allow you to craft a detailed plan to reach your goals. Here’s how one coach uses it for his own training.


3 Things You Need to Do Before Setting Your Next Race Goal


Follow these three tips from mental skills expert Carrie Cheadle to make sure your next big racing or training goal becomes reality.


Report: The Impact of Running Cadence on Running Economy (ECOR and RE)


A look into a detailed study that examined the role of varied running cadence on running economy and efficiency in both the trained and untrained runner.


Surviving the Holidays: 5 Quick Tips for Healthy Eating


These five, simple strategies will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods of the season—without the holiday weight gain and guilt that often accompany them.

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