GTN Presents: When to Walk in a Race


Can taking a walk break save your race? It turns out that even the pros slow things down in order to get a performance edge.

Heavy Lifting for Endurance Athletes


Lifting heavy weights to improve endurance performance might seem counterintuitive, but it can benefit distance athletes more than you might think.

Fitness Testing for Triathletes—How Do You Measure Up?


You can't improve what you can't measure. Try these fitness tests for every sport to make sure your training is on track.

Data Analysis: Shaving 30 Minutes Off A Marathon PR


See what a PR-shattering season looks like, by the numbers. Coach Andrew Simmons gives us a season-long view on what it takes to see huge results.

Sidelined: Reduce Stress to Avoid Injury


Although injury is a risk you accept when you make the choice to pursue athletic endeavors, reducing stress can mitigate that risk.

GTN Presents: How to Breathe on Both Sides While Swimming


Being able to breathe on both sides while swimming can help you become more versatile in open water, sight better and improve your lung capacity. Here's how to do it.

What To Do When Your Taper Doesn’t Go as Planned


Even the most meticulously planned taper can go awry. Here's what to do if (when) the week leading up to raceday goes haywire.

Three Workouts for Runners to Guarantee Race Success


Can a workout really guarantee success? Maybe not, but these are three simple interval workouts every serious runner should have in their arsenal.

How These Athletes Got Started in Triathlon


During Kona week, it's easy to think that every IRONMAN dream starts and ends in Hawaii. But for these athletes, triathlon goes beyond the big island.

Best Bike Split IRONMAN Kona Predictions


If this year's IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships are any indicator, IRONMAN Kona could have some serious fireworks. Here's what we expect to see on race day.

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