GTN Presents: How to Train at Your Sweet Spot For Cycling


Sweet spot interval training is a great way to increase your power output and dial in your race day fitness. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

How to Avoid Burnout During Cyclocross Season


Whether cyclocross is your main event, or just a way to kill time between seasons, the risk of burnout is real, especially after a long summer of training. Here's how to stay stoked on 'cross (and racing well) for the whole season through.

Optimizing Strength-to-Weight Ratio While Staying Healthy


Striking the appropriate balance between your power output and weight is critical for a sustainable and healthy approach to training and racing. Many athletes try to maintain as low a weight as possible while still being powerful on the bike—but it can be difficult to hit that sweet spot. If weight loss is taken too […]

Maintaining Momentum Through an Injury


When this coach saw his athlete hit the deck, he thought the season was over. Here's how they worked through the injury to achieve a massive PR instead.

Data Analysis: Michal Rajca’s Victory at Swissman Xtreme Triathlon


The Swissman Xtreme Triathlon is known for breaking even the most well-trained and seasoned athletes. Here's how winner Michal Rajca prevailed.

Gaming the (Aerobic) System: How to Use Anaerobic Intervals


There's more to a good interval workout than just going hard and resting. Matt Fitzgerald explains the science and history behind his new 80/20 system intervals.

Life Hacks for Weight Loss: Athlete Edition


Coach Steven Moody isn't a nutritionist, but he knows from experience that there are some simple life strategies to help every athlete manage their weight.

File Analysis: Ben King Wins Stage 9 of the 2018 Vuelta a España


Ben King wins the first HC summit finish of the 2018 Vuelta.

IRONMAN Time Management Strategies


Training for an IRONMAN is daunting, and you may be wondering where you'll find the time to master three sports while balancing life. Here are five tips to get you started.

brick workout

GTN Presents- Brick Workout 101


In the latest episode of Triathlon Training Explained, host Mark Threlfall explains everything you need to know about brick workouts and their important place in your triathlon training.

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