How to Find Ideal Clients


Coaches should be selective with the athletes they bring on board. It takes some time to learn the type of clients you prefer, but once you do you can filter your prospects to get the right athletes.

Training for Track Distance Events


Switching over to track from cross country requires a shift in coaching too. Coach Nick Radkewich lays out his methods for getting the most from his runners when they change from the rolling grass to the oval track.

Coaching Q&A: How to Build Your Coaching Business


A common question among all coaches is how they can grow their business. Many coaches are great at the actual coaching, but the business of running a business trips them up. Here are some tips and pieces of advice from four top coaches.

Using Email To Communicate Effectively


Communicating effectively with your athletes is as much a part of coaching as planning a schedule or giving advice. These days, most coaches are communicating via email, which has it’s own set of pros and cons.

Quantifying Fitness for High School Track and Cross Country Teams


Silver Creek High School track and cross country coach Kyle Fredin is one of a handful of pilot coaches using TrainingPeaks to guide his runners’ season.

How to Plan a Season for Your Athlete or Team


Without proper planning and monitoring of a student-athlete’s training load, life’s other stresses, such as classes, social life and campus activities can contribute to overtraining and failure to reach goals. For this reason I consider planning duties the most important aspect of a coach’s responsibilities. 

How to Start Up a Group Workout


Coaching a group in general can be challenging. Whether it’s a group of college kids or adults getting together after work, the logistics can be difficult. Here are some guidelines to starting up a group workout.

Social Media Secrets for Endurance Coaches


Being on social media is going to help you grow your business by allowing you to communicate with your clients and find new customers. Here's how to get the most out of your social media presence.

Webinar: Sports Psychology for Cycling Coaches


Coaches can learn a great deal on how to motivate and enhance performance for athletes through sports psychology. This free webinar with British Cycling will help coaches to understand some core psychological skills.

How to Find New Clients in 90 Days


A common issue that most coaches face is the task of finding new clients. Here's a few tactics that will help you sign new clients during this crucial time of year.

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