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Training for Both a Marathon and an Ultra Marathon


Training for a marathon and an ultra marathon in the same season can be tricky. Hal offers his advice on how to continue training after running 26.2 miles in order to run a successful 38 mile ultra marathon.

A Short Taper For The Boston Marathon


One runner wonders about a two week taper leading into the Boston Marathon. Read Hal’s answer as to why one specific plan utilizes this short taper, and why it may, or may not be for you.

Adjusting A Training Schedule Due to Injury


For a veteran marathoner that has taken some time away from running, getting back into marathon training came with an injury. After taking a week off, how should he modify his training plan to stay on track.

The Proper Pacing Strategy For a Marathon


Proper pacing is critical for a successful race. There are a few tactics to use, and Hal gives his advice on going out hard to“bank time” versus a steady pace following a pacer.

How to Train for the Challenging Course of the Boston Marathon


The Boston Marathon is coming up and training specifically for that course is of vital importance. Hal gives his advice to a first time Boston Marathon runner, but anyone running Boston can benefit from his knowledge.

Running A Hot Weather Marathon When Training In the Cold


Running a marathon in warm weather can be problematic if you come from colder climate. Hal gives his advice on how best to pace your effort to optimize your performance on race day.

Advice to a Parent About Their Promising Young Runner


A parent whose daughter loves to run is worried that she is being held back by being part of their local club. Hal offers three ways to potentially resolve this problem and keep both the parents and child happy.

Is Speedwork Necessary for Your First Marathon?


When training for your first marathon, it can be difficult to know how much speed work to incorporate. Use the advice from Hal Higdon to make your training as effective as possible.

Moving Up From the 10k to Half Marathon


After a successful 10k, one runner wants to know if he can start Hal’s 12 week Novice 1 program at the six week mark and still be ready for a Half marathon.

Becoming a Pacer: What Does it Take?


Many marathons and half marathons have pacers to help runner hit goal time. Hal Higdon answers one runner’s question about what experience and skills are necessary to become a pacer.

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