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Best Bike Split Announces Integration with Wahoo ELEMNT

Your race day power plan from Best Bike Split can now be viewed on the ELEMNT cycling computer from Wahoo. Learn more about this integration and how it can help you achieve your best result on race day. 

Best Bike Split has partnered with Wahoo fitness to realize the full potential of race day power plans using the new ELEMNT cycling computer. BBS takes a rider’s power data, course info and race-day conditions to predict race performance and create the perfect pacing strategy, using power targets for the course. This integration allows athletes to easily view and use their BBS race day power plan to hit their goal time.

The ELEMNT features ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, and WiFi connectivity that allows riders to easily view key ride metrics, navigate a route, track fellow riders’ locations in real-time as well as receive en-route call, text and email notifications using a large-format, high-contrast DayBright display.

During training and racing, the BBS and ELEMNT integration allows you to follow your race plan to make sure you achieve your goals. Race targets update throughout your ride via GPS based on the specific targets set by your Best Bike Split race plan. With your plan in front of you on race day, you will know how to perfectly pace your effort.

“The ELEMNT integration really achieves what I had envisioned three years ago as the ultimate way to implement a race day plan,” says Best Bike Split Chief Scientist Ryan Cooper. Learn more about this integration and how to connect your Best Bike Split race plan with your ELEMNT.

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