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5 Steps to Relieving the Pressure of Race Day


Every athlete experiences nerves and anxiety as the approach their A race for the season. These five steps from Will Murray can help you deal with those feelings and step on the start line feeling confident and capable.

2 Questions to Help You Increase Your Motivation to Train


Staying motivated as you prepare for your big event can be difficult. Asking yourself two simple questions can help keep your motivation high so you stay on track with your training and reach the start line in better shape physically and mentally.

A Five Step Process to Create Motivation


It can be difficult to stay motivated through bad weather, short days or a long season. Using these five steps from Will Murray will generate the motivation you need to get your workouts in and stay on track for success.

Four Steps to Getting Over a Bad Race


If you race enough, you’ll eventually have a bad day. Don’t let it affect your entire season. Use these four steps to mentally move forward and turn that poor race into an asset.