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How to Best Prepare for the Endurance Mountain Bike Racing Season


Endurance mountain bike racing season is about to begin, so here is how to improve your endurance, strength and speed off-road so your training is in line with your performance goals.


Integrating Strength Work During Race Season


Strength work is a valuable part of your training regimen both as a way to improve power output and for preventing injuries. Here’s a guide for how to continue to reap the benefits of strength work even during racing season.

How to Prepare for the Start of Racing Season


Now that racing season is right around the corner, honing in on the right plan is key for training the right way so that you show up on race day in the best shape possible.

Off-Season Workouts to Prime Your Body and Your Mind


Whether you've started your 2017 training or are still stuck in a cold weather workout rut, these workouts will get your heart pumping and your mind focused on the coming racing season.

Benefits of the New TrainingPeaks Workout Builder


Both Coaches and Athletes can benefit from the new TrainingPeaks Workout Builder. Learn about the biggest benefits and start planning for a successful season.

Performing a Season Review to Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses


A proper season review is the best way to identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a comprehensive plan for the upcoming season. Coach Taylor Thomas takes a closer look at some charts in WKO4 that will help you analyze your season.

The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Protein


Along with carbohydrates, endurance athletes need protein to stay healthy. Coach Taylor Thomas explains why and how much protein you need, the different types, and how protein intake may be beneficial during your training and racing.

Why You Should Focus on Watts per Kilogram


There are plenty of metrics for cyclists and triathletes to monitor. However tracking your Watts per Kilogram (W/kg) may produce the biggest results. Coach Taylor Thomas outlines why W/kg is so important and how you can improve it.

The Science and Physiology Behind Becoming a Better Climber


Climbing mountains brings a great sense of joy and accomplishment while exacting a very heavy toll on the body. Get better at climbing with Coach Taylor Thomas’ insights into the physiology, psychology, and science of climbing faster.

Why You Should Perform a Proper Pre-Race Warm-Up


Your warm-up should prepare you for your event without wearing you out. Coach Taylor Thomas explains the reason you need a good warm up, and outlines two different ways you can prepare to be your best on race day.

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