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The Double: How to Peak Twice in a Racing Season


Did your “A” race not pan out or you’re still feeling that competitive fire? If you’ve decided you need to squeeze one more race into this season, here’s how to peak twice so you can find that race-ready form just in time.


Your Ultimate Triathlon Off-Season Guide


Here is your guide to an optimal off-season triathlon training plan that allows you to recover and adapt in the best way possible.


5 Keys to Training for Epic and Extreme Multisport Races


Extreme triathlons offer the ultimate challenge—and reward. Here’s how to train and prepare for your first epic triathlon in the best possible way.

Why Form Follows Fatigue


With triathlon racing season starting to begin, your training might have hit a wall. If you’re feeling fatigued, take heart, as long as you have the right progressive training plan in place your fatigue is actually a signal that your optimal form is right around the corner.