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Amber Neben’s WKO4 File Analysis From the 2017 Redlands Classic


A WKO4 file analysis of two-time UCI Time Trial world champion Amber Neben’s recent runner-up finish at the 2017 Redlands Classic.

How to Target the Best Power and Adaptation Using Optimized Intervals


Optimizing interval training is an evolving science that coaches and athletes should explore to improve fitness, gain confidence and nail more detailed performance goals.

Power Analysis: Amber Neben’s Victory at La Route de France Feminine Internationale


American Amber Neben convincingly won the La Route de France Féminine Internationale, a tough eight day stage race in northern France. Her coach Tim Cusick used WKO4 to break down two key stage victories that allowed her to take the win.

Introduction of the New Time to Exhaustion Metric in WKO4


The new Time to Exhaustion metric in WKO4 allows coaches and athletes to get a better understanding of fitness for longer durations. Tim Cusick, Product Manager of WKO4, explains how this new metric is calculated and how you can use it, along with other key metrics, to gain insights.

How To Sprint Like a Tour Rider


Spriters are a unique type of cyclist that must possess several different qualities. This slideshare explains the physical build of a sprinter, their physiology, and how they get their burst of speed.

WKO4 Training Metrics: Introducing Stamina


Despite it's importance in endurance sports, there has been no single way to measure an athlete's resistance to fatigue. Now, with the new Stamina metric in WKO4, coaches and athletes can reliably and accurately gauge their ability to withstand fatigue. Learn more about this new metric and how it can help show adaptations to training and improve your performance.

WKO4 Case Study: A Former Pro Mountain Biker Regains His Fitness


Returning to the sport of mountain biking after 10 years away, Adam Bucklin had to lose weight and train hard to meet his new goals. Using WKO4, Coach Tim Cusick showed Bucklin what was possible and helped him train properly to make amazing progress.

An Introduction to the New iLevels in WKO4


WKO4 has introduced many new training metrics, among them is iLevels. These power levels are individualized and give you specific wattage and time targets you can use in training. Learn more from Peaks Coaching Group President and coach Tim Cusick about what iLevels are and how to use them.