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Is Your Fitness Improving? Let These Fitness Tests Be Your Barometer


It's the million-dollar question in training: is this working? Here are three simple running tests to find out if your hard work is paying off.

40/20 workout runner

Work-to-Rest Ratio: The Benefits of 40/20 Workouts


40/20 workouts are a great way to structure your interval training. Here's how to do them whether you're running, cycling, or strength training.


How to Finally Nail Your Nutrition During an IRONMAN Taper (And Every Day Thereafter)


The key components necessary to nail your nutrition during an IRONMAN taper are the same guidelines you should follow for overall longevity and performance.

How To Properly Fuel Your Morning Workout


Morning workouts are a staple for many endurance athletes. However, whether to fuel up before a workout remains a highly debated topic. Dr. Rick Kattouf gives his take on what endurance athletes should do to get the most from their morning workout.

The 3 Best Types of Protein for the Endurance Athlete


Protein plays an important part in the nutrition intake of an endurance athlete. Dr. Rick Kattouf details three different proteins, their benefits and guidelines for how much protein endurance athletes really need.

4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid


During the holidays, it can be difficult to avoid putting on a few extra pounds. Avoid these four common weight loss mistakes outlined by nutrition expert Rick Kattouf in order to be successful.

Strategies For Optimum Recovery


How you recover from workout is as important as the workout itself. Here, Rick Katouff lays out the basics of recovery with tips and actions you can use in your own training.

Do Weather Changes Warrant Nutrition Changes?


As temperatures fall and the season changes, you also need to adapt your nutrition during training and racing. Read the following suggestions about changes you can make to maintain top performance.

The Benefits of Caffeine for Endurance Athletes


Caffeine has long been used as an energy boost for endurance athletes. Does a cup of coffee or shot of espresso really help?

Why Athletes Need Carbohydrates


Many endurance athletes are moving to a low or no carb diet in order to become more “fat efficient”. Does this strategy pay off or is detrimental to your performance? Read more to find out.

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