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Winter Training To Prepare for a Spring Marathon


If you have a spring marathon on your race calendar, how you train through the winter can make the difference. Use these tips and workouts from coach Ryan Bolton to stay on track to reach your goals.

Run Analysis: 2015 Boston Marathon Winner


Harambee Project athlete Caroline Rotich won the 119th Boston Marathon in a thrilling sprint to the finish. Her coach, Ryan Bolton, gives the details of her race preparation and analyzes her run to show how she won Boston.

The Harambee Project: Analyzing a Pyramid Workout


Project Harambee athlete Simegn Abnet will be running the L.A. Marathon on March 15th. Take a look at a key workout she performed along with analysis from her coach, Ryan Bolton.

Analysis of an Interval Run


After focusing on the marathon, elite runner Caroline Rotich needed speed to prepare for an upcoming 10k. Her coach, Ryan Bolton, gives an inside look into the difficult interval workout he prescribed, and discusses her execution of the workout.

How Proper Training Affects Lactate Threshold Heart Rate


Should your lactate threshold heart rate go up or down when training correctly?