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How to Race Your First Sprint Triathlon In 12 Weeks


How to develop the mental habits needed to start on a solid training plan and conquer your first sprint triathlon in less than three months.

3 Drills to Fix Your Swim Crossover


Many swimmers make the same mistake of crossing over during their stroke. This issue typically leads to more mistakes in technique, which slows you down. Expert swim coach Phil Mosley describes what a crossover is and gives you three ways to correct it.

How to Use Critical Swim Speed Training


Critical Swim Speed (CSS) is simple concept that could improve your swim fitness, pace judgement and training motivation. Learn what CSS is, how to test it, and how it can make you a faster swimmer.

Setting Training Goals Using Best Bike Split


Setting realistic short term targets is a key to meeting your long term goal. Using Best Bike Split can help you create a realistic and achievable training strategy.

Four Ways To Improve Your Freestyle Kick


A bad kick technique can act like a set of brakes, dragging your feet down and ruining your body rotation. Here's how to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

8 Swim Lessons to Learn From An Olympic Gold Medalist


Four-time Olympic gold medallist Alexander Popov was known as one of the most technically proficient swimmers of all time. Here's what you can learn from his methods.