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Avoiding Mental Sabotage Part 7: How to be Dynamic Instead of Perfect


Here are six strategies for creating a more dynamic, healthy mindset on race day rather than perfectionism.


Avoiding Mental Sabotage Part 6: How to Conquer Your Fear of Failure


Our mental skills series continues with a look at how to conquer your fear of failure and develop a more rational philosophy about your performance and your own self-worth.


Avoiding Mental Sabotage Part 5: Stopping Your Need for Social Approval


In this continuing series on race-day mental skills, we discuss how to overcome your need for approval from others, how to stop making assumptions about how others feel about your performance, and how to develop unconditional self respect.

Channel your pre-race anxiety

Avoiding Mental Sabotage Part 4: How to Channel Pre-Race Anxiety


Learn whether you’re dealing with constructive pre-race jitters or performance crushing pre-race anxiety—and discover how you can channel those nerves into focus and drive.


Avoiding Mental Sabotage Part 3: How to Fuel Your Confidence


In our continuing series on race-day mental skills, we discuss the importance of proactive confidence, which you can build by asking yourself these six pre-race questions.


Avoiding Mental Sabotage Part 2: Managing Performance Expectations


In part two of our ongoing series on ways athletes sabotage their own performances, we discuss how to overcome unrealistic performance expectations heading into a race.


6 Ways Athletes Sabotage Their Own Racing Success


Mental sabotage can ruin your race before it begins. Here are six ways that athletes psyche themselves out and how to overcome them for racing success.