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Five Ways To Get Started With the Paleo Diet


Eating healthier is a common resolution for many athletes. Here are five ways to get started with the Paleo diet.

Three Paleo Recovery Smoothie Recipes for the Endurance Athlete


The following are just three of the endless options we endurance athletes, Paleo or not, can enjoy as recovery smoothies to refuel and replenish after those long, grueling training sessions. 

5 Gluten-Free Carbohydrate Foods for Athletes


As athletes, we need carbohydrates to stay fueled for training. Here are five gluten-free carbohydrate foods that will keep you ready to train. 

Vegan vs. Paleo Diets For Athletes: My Experience


There are so many diets out there based on many different things! But what’s the best diet for physical endurance sports like marathoning and racing triathlon?

Go Paleo: Why Athletes Should Ditch the Pre-Race Pasta Party


As a die-hard Paleo endurance athlete, I have a real problem with the idea that almost all the pre-race day dinners hosted at races are largely, if not entirely, focused on pasta and bread!

Paleo Breakfast for Champions


When converting to a Paleo Lifestyle, many people find breakfast to be the most challenging time of day to eat within the Paleo Realm.