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How Triathletes Can Maximize Their Swim Block Training


The winter months are the perfect time to turn your focus to the pool. Beyond more drill and technique work, adding yardage and using swim aids is also beneficial. These tips from coach Nicole Odell will help you bring your swim up to a new level.

10 Tips for Treadmill Motivation


Running on the treadmill is often a necessity for runners and triathletes during the winter. These 10 tips from Nicole Odell will help you get the most from your time indoors.

How To Perform Your Season Review


Looking back at your season to determine what you did well and what you can improve on is a critical step to continuing improvement. Learn some of the steps you can take to look carefully and critically at your season to see what you should continue with and what you may want to change.

Does Workout Order Matter for Triathletes?


Triathletes need to train in three different sports, so timing can be tricky. Since race day is a swim, bike, run, does the order in which you train matter? Learn from Coach Nicole Odell how you can set up your day’s workouts to get the most out of each one.

A Guide to Women’s Specific Bikes


Buying a new bike is fun, but daunting task. For women, the process can be made harder when considering women's specific models. Coach Nicole Drummer points out what women should look for when shopping for a women's specific bike.

Why Female Athletes Need to Strength Train


Strength training is a component of training that many female athletes neglect. Nicole Drummer gives the reasons to strength train along with some key exercises you can do at home.

Three Steps to Having a Healthy Body Image


How athletes perceive their own body is critical to an overall healthy lifestyle. Here are three suggestions to help you have a healthy perspective of your own body.

The Female Athlete: Understanding Your Cycle and Performance


For the female athlete seeking peak performance, understanding how the hormones of their monthly cycle affect their fitness, stress level and fatigue level is important.

5 Keys to Stepping Up to Long Course Triathlon Training


There is a big difference when it comes to race preparation between short and long course triathlons, so let's take a look at a few things to make sure you will be ready to make the switch.

5 Ways to Use Data to Recover from Injury


Regardless of the severity of your injury, these five tips will help you use data to aid the recovery and rehabilitation process.

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