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The Benefits of Aero Helmets


Aero helmets are one the most cost effective ways to gain speed. However, with so many options now available, how do you know which is best for you? Aerodynamics expert Mat Steinmetz offers his guide to choosing the right one.

Guidelines For Making Adjustments After a Bike Fit


A good bike fit is a critical part of riding comfortably and optimizing your performance. After seeing a fit expert, you still may want to make a few small adjustments. Use the guidelines from Mat Steinmetz to understand how to manage that process and get your fit perfectly dialed in.

The Benefits of Reducing Your Crank Length


There are several ways to improve your comfort, power, and aerodynamics on the bike. One method that has gained in popularity among triathletes is to move to a shorter crank length. Coach and fit expert Mat Steinmetz explains the reasons behind this concept and how it can benefit you.

Kona Process Part 3: Optimizing Fit and Equipment


The final step to being fully prepared for Kona is to optimize your equipment. This means getting the best fit possible and choosing the right equipment. In this final installment, Coach Mat Steinmetz explains how to find free speed.

The Kona Process Part 2: Bike Tactics and Training


The manner that pro athletes attack the bike portion of the IRONMAN World Championships has changed over the past few years. In Part two of this series, coach Mat Steinmetz examines the bike strategies now present, and how he prepares his athletes for the test.

The Kona Process Part 1: Long Term Planning


Coach Mat Steinmetz is currently working with two top tier professional triathletes, Australians Liz Blatchford and Callum Millward, as they prepare for the IRONMAN World Championships on October 10th. This series will highlight their long term planning and illustrate how Steinmetz works with them individually to help them achieve their specific goals.

Choosing the Best Bike Saddle


One of the most common questions from cyclists and triathletes is how to find the perfect saddle. Learn from fit expert Mat Steinmetz how you can find the right saddle through the type of saddle, posture, and position.