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Top 3 Strength Training Mistakes by Cyclists


While strength training is an important component to any cyclist’s training, avoid these three common strength training mistakes to make sure you’re maximizing your time in the gym and on two wheels.


How to Recover From Endurance Mountain Bike Races


Pay attention to these five signs of fatigue post-race in order to recover from an endurance mountain bike race in the most optimal way.


The Art of Peaking for a Cycling Event


The art of peaking for a cycling event involves careful planning the right amount of intensity with the proper amount of rest so you arrive on the starting line at your best. Here’s how to do it perfectly.

Strength and Flexibility Exercises for the Indoor Training Season


Indoor cycling is an efficient way to train, however it lacks many of the sport-specific movements of outdoor riding and can lead to overuse injuries and muscle imbalances. These eight bodyweight exercises will counteract these imbalances and help keep you pain free all winter long.

Does it Matter if Your Threshold Heart Rate is High or Low?


Threshold heart rate is used by endurance athletes and coaches to quantify training, set training zones, and more. How high, or low, this number is something that athletes either take pride in or want to change. However, as Mike Schultz explains, the number itself is highly individual and has little impact on your ability to perform to your potential.

4 Tips For a More Productive Off Season


Winter presents unique challenges to endurance athletes. While some embrace the elements, others look for ways to make the best of the situation. These four tips from coach Mike Schultz offer ways you can optimize your winter training.

The Primary Muscles Used for Cycling and How to Train Them


Take a detailed look at which muscles apply power during the phases of your pedal stroke. Then learn how to build those muscles to help you ride faster and stay injury free.  

The Best Strength Exercises for Cyclists


Incorporating some simple strength exercises can be a great addition to your training routine. The following 8 exercises are the best way to gain strength you can use on the bike.

How Athletes Should Review Their Season


Before you begin planning next season, take the time to review last year. Looking back at what went right, and what didn’t, can give you valuable insight into how to make this your best year. 

Making the Most of Fall Season Training


The fall season can be a great time to continue building fitness before the weather gets too cold. Use these tips to take advantage of the season.

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