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The Ultimate IRONMAN 70.3 Brick Workout


This IRONMAN 70.3 brick workout simulates the conditions you will face on race day in order to help you assess your current fitness, practice your nutrition needs, and prepare you for your next 70.3-distance race.

Creating a Multi-Coach Platform for Your Coaching Business


Creating a multi-coach business takes time, the right people, and a good strategy. Coach Mike Ricci has taken D3 Multisport from himself to having 8 full and part-time coaches. Use his tips and guides to learn how you can grow your own coaching business.

10 Tips for Stepping Up To The Half Ironman Distance


Stepping up to the Half IRONMAN requires some key changes in your approach to training. Following these 10 tips will help make the transition easier and allow you to have a strong first Half Ironman race.

Race Simulation Workouts for Olympic Distance Triathlons


The Olympic Distance triathlon is a great challenge for every triathlete. Use these three race simulation workouts to be prepared to take on your next Olympic race.

How to Perform Multiple Session Brick Workouts


Brick workouts can be more than the standard bike/run combination. USAT Level 3 Coach Mike Ricci gives you his favorite combinations to mix it up and go beyond the standard brick workout.

The 3 Pillars of a Coaching Business and the Work Week


Addressing the three key points to a successful business every week is a challenge. Like athletes, coaches benefit from having a schedule. Mike Ricci, who has owned D3 Multisport for 14 years, gives his three keys to success and shows you how to manage them during the week.

5 Reasons Why Coaches Should Write Plans


Writing training plans has several benefits for coaches. Beyond simply generating income, they can help you be more efficient and retain clients. Here are the top 5 reasons you should start writing training plans today.

How to Nail IRONMAN Arizona


For athletes racing at IRONMAN® Arizona, there are few key things to know about the course and how to prepare for race day. Coach Mike Ricci gives you tips and strategies for how to make the most of race day.

How Triathletes Can Balance Family and Training


Finding balance between work, family and training is a key to longevity in the sport of triathlon. Use these tips and strategies to keep getting faster while maintaining a healthy overall quality of life.

The Athlete’s Guide to Boulder


Certain towns and cities across the U.S. are known to cater to the endurance sports enthusiast; Boulder, Colorado is one of those towns. Whether you are planning a training camp or coming for a specific event, this guide will help you get the most from your time in Boulder.

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