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Common Coaching Problems

Common Problems You Have Coaching and How to Work Through Them


Endurance coaches are natural problem solvers, and often, they are confronted with the same problems over and over again. Coach Mike Ricci walks through three of his most common problems and how he solves them with his athletes.


TrainingPeaks Success Story: How Age Grouper David Donoghue Reached His 70.3 Goals by Working With A Coach


Age-group triathlete David Donoghue’s coach Mike Ricci recounts how they achieved success by dialing in David’s swim and run and slowly improving his bike FTP over a few seasons.


VIDEO: Endurance Strength Roundup- Running Drills


D3 Multisport’s AJ Johnson goes over two running activation drills to facilitate proper running form and better mechanics.


VIDEO: Endurance Strength Roundup- Hip Strengthening Exercises for Running


D3 Multisport’s Laura Marcoux goes over two simple exercises that target the abductors for stronger hips and knee stability.


VIDEO: Endurance Strength Roundup- Shoulder Stability Exercises for Swimming


D3 Multisport’s Laura Marcoux goes over two simple shoulder stability exercises for swimming that target the scapula.


VIDEO: Endurance Roundup – Single Leg Movements


In the first Endurance Strength Roundup video series, D3 Multisport’s Laura Marcoux goes over two important single leg movements designed to strengthen your pedal stroke and running efficiency.


The Ultimate IRONMAN 70.3 Brick Workout


This IRONMAN 70.3 brick workout simulates the conditions you will face on race day in order to help you assess your current fitness, practice your nutrition needs, and prepare you for your next 70.3-distance race.

Creating a Multi-Coach Platform for Your Coaching Business


Creating a multi-coach business takes time, the right people, and a good strategy. Coach Mike Ricci has taken D3 Multisport from himself to having 8 full and part-time coaches. Use his tips and guides to learn how you can grow your own coaching business.

10 Tips for Stepping Up To The Half Ironman Distance


Stepping up to the Half IRONMAN requires some key changes in your approach to training. Following these 10 tips will help make the transition easier and allow you to have a strong first Half Ironman race.

Race Simulation Workouts for Olympic Distance Triathlons


The Olympic Distance triathlon is a great challenge for every triathlete. Use these three race simulation workouts to be prepared to take on your next Olympic race.

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