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Online Athlete Motivation

9 Ways to Motivate Online Athletes


Coach Mackenzie Madison walks through nine ways you can better motivate your online athletes to train better and reach their goals faster.

Transitioning to New Sport

How to Coach an Athlete Transitioning to a New Sport


Transitioning to a new sport can be challenging for athletes and coaches alike, but coaches can set their athletes up for success by leaning on existing skills and asking the right questions.


Exercise as Therapy: How to Plan Training and Racing For an Athlete Going Through a Crisis


Exercise as therapy can be a valuable tool for an athlete going through a crisis. Here is how to identify a possible personal crisis in your athlete’s life, and how to provide them with the support and training they need to help them cope, recover and thrive.


Your Guide To Becoming The Best Remote Coach Possible


Remote coaching is stronger and more popular than ever. Here are seven tips to ensure you’re coaching most effectively while overseeing athletes both near and far.


9 Tips on Coaching an Overly Ambitious Athlete


If you coach an athlete who constantly pushes themselves into a state of overtraining, these nine tips can help you encourage them to put a priority on recovery and training smarter—not harder.


How to Coach the Overly Busy Athlete


Tips for coaches on how to deal with athletes who have serious goals—but not a lot of time.