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Improve Your Training Intensity Balance with Structured Workouts


A training plan will not deliver the results you want if the workouts you do are different from the workouts prescribed. Our new structured workouts make it easier for athletes to do every part of every session at the right intensity and reap the full benefits of 80/20 training.

Using the 80/20 Rule to Balance Triathlon Training Intensity


Many triathletes struggle with getting their training mix of volume and intensity correct. Matt Fitzgerald explains what the 80/20 rule is and how triathletes can use it optimize their training and racing.

Twice a Day Workouts for Marathon Training


Training twice a day is a method used by many elite level runners to achieve high levels of fitness. Coach and author Matt Fitzgerald explains how any runner can use this same tactic to achieve their goals.

Training for Masters Runners, Part 2: Block Periodization


Block Periodization can help athletes over 40 push themselves while taking into account their limitations. Coach Matt Fitzgerald explains the why and how behind this training concept.

Training for Masters Runners, Part 1: The Extended Microcycle


In the first of three articles around run training for masters athletes, Matt Fitzgerald discusses the benefits of using an extended microcycle.

Slideshow: Train for a Fast Ironman in 12 Hours a Week


You don't need to devote your entire life to training in order to achieve your Ironman goals. Here's how to train for a fast Ironman in just 12 hours a week.

What’s my Optimal Racing Weight?


All else being equal, the lighter you are, the better you will perform as a cyclist or runner. But, of course, all else is not equal. As you lose weight, various aspects of your internal physiology change, especially if your weight loss is primarily training induced.

Super-Simple Cycling Interval Progressions for Triathletes


There are a million different ways to do an interval workout on the bike. And that's just the problem. With so many formats to choose from, how do you decide which workout is the best workout for you?

Deliberate Undertraining


“It's better to be 10 percent undertrained than 5 percent overtrained.” I think we can agree that this rule is true in spirit, but not literally true.

Linear vs. Non-Linear Periodization in Running


Coach Matt Fitzgerald compares linear and non-linear methods of periodization and determines which method might be best.

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