Posts by Lance Watson and Dan Smith, LifeSport Coaching


When to Upgrade Your Triathlon Bike


While there are a lot of financial considerations to make when deciding to upgrade your triathlon bike, here are five reasons it might be worth it to consider a new racing rig.


5 Race Focus Shake Ups for Performance Breakthroughs


By using your early season races as opportunities to experiment with your pacing, race strategy, transition time, nutrition and equipment—you can shake things up and open doors to performance breakthroughs.

4 Things to Consider When Planning an Optimal Winter Training Camp


Early season training camps are great for preparing your body and your mind for the coming race season. Make sure all your hard work and money don’t go to waste by preparing for the camp in the best way possible.

Fine Tuning Your Annual Plan to Improve Specific Weaknesses


Now is the best time of year to focus on that one leg of triathlon that needs some extra attention. Use these key strategies while planning your season to develop that weakest leg and become a more well-rounded triathlete.