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Why You Need a Triathlon Holiday


Training-themed holiday breaks are gaining popularity among triathletes. Here's why they're a great way to kick start your season.

How to Make A Comeback—Even If It’s Been a While


Making a comeback can be hard, especially if it's been years since you left competitive sports. Lance Watson outlines four steps to find your way back.

Why, When, and How to Use A Foam Roller


While nothing can quite replicate a good sports massage, you can enjoy many of the same benefits at home (or between massages) with a foam roller. 

Fitness Testing for Triathletes—How Do You Measure Up?


You can't improve what you can't measure. Try these fitness tests for every sport to make sure your training is on track.

Tips for Athletes Traveling Across Time Zones


Traveling across time zones might be a highlight of your season—but it can derail your training right before the big day. Here's how to ace your next trip.

5 Ways To Race a Faster Triathlon


Whether you're fine-tuning your performance or entering your first race, these are the five areas where every triathlete can improve.

Should Endurance Athletes Do Plyometric Training?


We all know plyometrics are good for increasing explosive power. But can "jump training" help endurance athletes as well?


Is Your Routine Killing Your Routine?


Routine and consistency are key to performance, but how do you know when it's time to mix things up? Coach Lance Watson offers some strategies for change.

how to run faster

Take Your Running Speed to the Next Level


“The simplest way to improve is to run faster.” – Scott Jurek No matter if you’re front-pack runner, a back-pack jogger or somewhere in between, adding speed work into your weekly routine can bring huge benefits to your running. And whether you’re training for a 5K or a marathon, speed work is essential to becoming […]


Fartlek Workout 101


Fartleks challenge your body to become faster over longer distances—plus it’s just a fun word to say. Here’s all you need to know about fartlek running, and three workouts to try on your own.

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