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The Double: How to Successfully Complete Two IRONMANS in Three Months


These key workouts and tapering strategies will allow you to make the most of your long-distance fitness and complete more than one IRONMAN within a few months.


10 Indicators That You Are Ready to Expand Your Coaching Business


LifeSport Head Coach and Triathlon Canada Hall of Fame inductee Lance Watson offers 10 indicators that you are ready to expand your own coaching business.

Be Epic: Invigorate Your Training With a Workout Challenge


Adding in a unique workout such as an epic climb or monster swim set, when done carefully as part of an overall training plan, can give you the mental spark you've been looking for.

Those Few Pivotal Minutes: Qualifying for an IRONMAN World Championship


Qualifying for an IRONMAN World Championship race involves a particular formula of self reflection, training execution and race choice—and now's the best time to start your planning.

5 Ways to Become a Stronger Long Course Runner


A strong run leg in a long course triathlon can make the difference between being middle of the pack or making the podium. These five tips from coach Lance Watson will help you increase your ability to run off the bike and make your run a weapon you can rely on.

Preparing for a Hot Race While Training in the Cold


Triathletes racing late season races in hot climates face the challenge of acclimating to the conditions. Coach Lance Watson offers his tips and advice on how you can prepare for warm weather race no matter where you live.

4 Long Course Training Mistakes Triathletes Should Avoid


There are many things a long course triathlete needs to do to be fully prepared on race day. However, there are also several common mistakes that these athletes make. Coach Lance Watson discusses the four most common mistakes he sees that hold athletes back from achieving their goals.

Improve Your Race Performance by Managing Race Week Stress


Race week is a very stressful time and how you handle that stress can have a big impact on your ability to perform on race day. Coach Lance Watson has tips on how you can plan ahead and manage race day stress so you can reach your goals.

6 Key Workouts to Prepare for Your IRONMAN 70.3


For triathletes racing an IRONMAN 70.3 there are several key workouts you can perform to optimize your fitness for race day. Coach Lance Watson outlines six workouts that will help you be ready to reach your goals.

A Triathlete’s Guide To the First Race of the Season


Your first race of the season should be one that sets you up for a successful season. These guidelines from coach Lance Watson will help you with race selection, perfecting your race day routine, determining your race tactics, and getting your equipment and nutrition dialed in.

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