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How Road Cyclists Can Use Off-Road Riding to Get Stronger


Getting off the road and hitting the dirt can improve your bike handling skills, build explosive power and increase pedaling efficiency.

Your 14-Step Guide to Weight Loss During Base Training


Now is the right time to shed some weight slowly and smartly so you can hit race season in peak condition.

The Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice for Endurance Athletes


Endurance athletes are constantly searching for new methods that will help them to train more effectively. Coach Lynda Wallenfels explains the many benefits of tart cherry juice and gives dosage recommendations for maximum effectiveness.

The Best Recovery Practices for Endurance Athletes


Triathletes, runners, and cyclists all like to push their bodies to the limit. However, it is how well you recover that determines how much quality training you can do. Coach Lynda Wallenfels explains the best recovery practices that will help you stay healthy and training hard.

Using the Performance Management Chart to Maximize Your Spring Training Camp


Many mountain bikers use spring training camps as a way to boost their fitness and prepare for the season. Coach Lynda Wallenfels outlines how you can use the Performance Management Chart to make your training camp as effective as possible.

10 Performance Benefits of Off-Season Weight Loss for Mountain Bikers


Weighing less has many benefits for mountain bikers on race day. Coach Lynda Wallenfels has ten reasons why off season weight loss will help you when it’s time to ramp up your training.

10 Off Season Training Tips for Mountain Bikers


While you may be taking a break from training during the off season, there are still ways to improve for next year. Coach Lynda Wallenfels has 10 tips for you to get faster without doing intervals.

Mountain Bike Training for Masters Riders


Getting old happens, but slowing down in your 40’s doesn’t have to happen too. Mountain Bike coach Lynda Wallenfels explains the training changes masters age athletes should make to keep shredding the trails fast and furiously.

Four Cadence Training Workouts for Mountain Bike Racers


Being able to ride in a range of cadences is a critical factor to success for mountain biking. Use these four workouts from Lynda Wallenfels to increase your ability to grind a big gear and spin fluidly.

From Ski Shape to Mountain Bike Race Shape in 8 Weeks


Skiing all winter can be fun and provide a nice break from riding. However, when it’s time to go from the ski trail to bike trail, getting the cycling legs back can be hard. Coach Lynda Wallenfels gives you an eight week plan to make the transition.

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