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Alternate Testing Methods for Endurance Cyclists


The 20-minute lactate threshold test is the gold standard when it comes to determining aerobic fitness. But there are easier ways to gauge your progress.

Using WKO4 to Provide a Unique Style of Coaching


WKO4 opened the door for high-end data analysis previously only available to big-budget professional squads and national teams. Learn what it can do for your business and for your athletes.

The Importance of Analyzing the Right Data for Cyclocross


Cyclocross racing places very specific demands on riders. Coach Kyle Wolfe explains why he uses pMax and Functional Reserve Capacity to help his athletes train for what they will face on race day.

Preparing For a Key Cyclocross Race Early in the Season


Preparing for the first cyclocross race of the season takes a lot of planning, especially when it is a key race. See how pro cyclocross racer Rebecca Fahringer and her coach Kyle Wolfe created and executed a long term plan to achieve her goal.

How To Use Aerobic Decoupling


Aerobic decoupling is a metric that is often overlooked. However, as coach Kyle Wolfe explains, cyclists, triathletes, and runners can use it in training and racing to indicate gains in fitness, understand fueling needs, and create the right pacing strategy.

4 Tactics for Racing Cyclocross


To be at the front of a cyclocross race, you have to know some key tactics and have the ability to execute them well. Coach Kyle Wolfe explains four tactics you can use in your next race as well as tips on how to train properly to use them.

3 Training and Skills Tips to Help You Get Started in Cyclocross


For riders considering racing cyclocross for the first time, these three tips from coach Kyle Wolfe on training and skills will help you be prepared and have fun at your first race.

Maximizing Athlete Fitness on Limited Time


Most coaches work with athletes that have a limited time to train. Coach Kyle Wolfe shows you how to use a few key metrics and charts in TrainingPeaks to optimize your athlete’s performance.

Power Analysis of a Cyclocross Race


Success in cyclocross demands very specific physical abilities. Check out this power analysis of a strong amateur rider to view just what it takes to be at the front.

Criterium Power Analysis: Comparing Two Files


By reviewing their power files using the Multi-File Analysis function in WKO+ we can compare the power files of two different riders who raced the same criterium and learn from their performances.