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The Benefits of Static Stretching Before and After Exercise


There are many different types of stretching, and through the years, many have fallen in and out of fashion with experts. Karl Reicken, Coordinator of Performance Testing at the National Training Center, explains the latest research on static stretching and provides some surprising insights.

Genetic Testing for Collagen, Running Performance, and Injury


Genetic testing is the latest method being used to predict performance capabilities. It can also shed light on an athlete’s likelihood to experience an injury. Karl Reiken examines how using collagen testing is giving coaches new insight into how best to train their athletes.

Training for Endurance Sports and Your Immune System


Training for multiple sports can be taxing on your immune system. This article highlights what is currently know about the stresses to your system caused by training and gives you steps you can take to stay healthy.

Choosing the Optimal Daily Timing for Your Training


Choosing the right time to train can help you get more out of each session. Here is the science behind doing certain workouts at certain times.