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5 Reasons to Incorporate Aquabikes and Duathlons into Your IRONMAN Training


Incorporating aquabikes and duathlons into your IRONMAN training is a great way to get important race-specific intensity and necessary pre-race feedback without overly fatiguing your body.

Transferring Strength From the Gym to The Road for Triathletes


Building your strength in the weight room is only as effective as your ability to transfer that strength to swimming, biking, and running. Kelly Fillnow and Daniel Payseur explain how your strength training and triathlon training should be similar and give you sample workouts to follow.

Why Endurance Athletes Need Coaching Year Round


Having a coach during the off season is as important as having one during the season. Professional triathlete and coach Kelly Fillnow explains the benefits that a coach provides in the off season.

Strength and Power Training for Triathletes


From building power and preventing injuries, strength training has many different benefits for triathletes. Coach Kelly FIllnow and Daniel Payseur lay out the why and how to get started today.

Athlete Success: A Modified Taper Leads to Better Results


Executing the right taper can be difficult. For athlete and coach Kelly Fillnow, after 12 Ironman events she modified her standard taper with excellent results. Read more about her experience and learn how you can tailor your own taper.