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How Hard Was the Men’s Olympic Triathlon in Rio? Dissecting Ben Kanute’s Olympic Power File


In this exclusive look, U.S. Olympic triathlete Ben Kanute and his coach Jim Vance give a rundown of his metrics from one of the most exciting triathlons in Olympic history.

Using Run Power to Perfect Your Ironman Run


Coach Jim Vance analyzes two running power files from the IRONMAN World Championships and explains how running power meters can help you define the specific intensity for your Ironman run training and racing.

How Running Power Meters Work


Run power meters are the newest way for runners and triathletes to measure their workload and analyze their efforts. Coach Jim Vance explains what these power meters measure, how they work, and how you can use the data to be a better runner.

Running With Power: How to Find Your Run FTP


Running with power is a new technology that seeks to provide more accurate metrics for runners and triathletes. For those that are interested in running with power, Coach Jim Vance has some simple tips to help you get started.

How To Choose Your Race Day Tactics


Having a plan on race day is critical to maximizing your potential. These six questions from coach Jim Vance will help you create the right strategy for success.

7 Pre-Workout Activation Routines for Better Performance


Activating your muscles before you start your workout can help you recruit more muscles and work more efficiently. Use these seven activation exercises to get the most from your body.

Training With Specificity


To be successful at your next event, your training should prepare you for the unique demands you will face. Here, Jim Vance explains the two common mistakes athletes make in their training and to make sure you prepare correctly.

5 Things To Do Before Every Workout


A quality workout starts before you take that first stride, clip in or jump in the water. Get the most from every training session by following these five steps from Jim Vance.

Predicting Athlete Performance Using Best Bike Split


Coaches are always looking for the best way to plan for race day success. Accurately predicting a bike time for a triathlon or time trial is now possible with Best Bike Split. Read more about how one coach is using it to help his athletes achieve their goals.

How to Plan Your Dream Season


Planning your best season starts now. Use the steps in this article to build a plan that will have you in peak form at the right time.

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