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Athletes and Blood Clots: Know Your Risks


Athletes are at particular risk of developing a potentially harmful blood clot, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Here's why, and how you can manage the risk.

Post-Race Doldrums

What Coaches Should Do To Prevent Athlete Post-Race Doldrums


We've all felt somewhat lost after finishing a major race that we've worked hard to prepare for. Dr. John Post explains how he pushes back against those post-race doldrums.

Better Sleep

How to Coach Older Athletes to Get Better Sleep


Sleep and recovery are important aspects of training for any athlete, but even more so as we age. Learn more about techniques you can share with your athletes that will help them get to bed on time and sleep better.

swim death

Managing Risk During The Swim Leg of A Triathlon


After a death during the swim leg of a Master's triathlon in Reston, VA, this athlete and coach asks what we all might do differently.


Do These Workouts To Surge-Proof Your Swim Start


Even the most meticulous pacing plan can go out the window when you’re nervous or excited at the start of a swim. Fortunately, it’s possible to work with these nerves, rather than against them, with these workouts designed to help you take advantage of the the surge at the start of a race.

week before IRONMAN race

7 Things Successful IRONMAN Racers Do in the Week Before a Race


The week before an IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 can be chaotic. There are race meetings and bike check-ins and of course all that last-minute training to cram in. Just kidding. Follow these seven must-do’s in the week leading up to your next long-distance triathlon to improve your chances of race-day success.


The Benefits of No Drinking For Better Performance


Whether it be giving up sugar, alcohol, or gluten, there's something to be said for trying it first. A physician and IRONMAN Certified Coach reports on his most recent group experiment: abstaining from alcohol in the pursuit of better performance.


Why T2 Can Be The Cure For A Bad Race


Use T2 as a place to regroup—not just save time—and you just might have your best race ever.


3 Ways Race Volunteers Have Saved an Athlete’s Day


Many people are involved in helping you cross that finish line. Here are three stories that highlight the different ways race day staff and volunteers have saved the day.


5 Habits To Prevent and Treat Chronic Injuries


Start practicing these five habits now so you can get on the road to optimal performance—and stay there.

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