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Periodization and Mixed Training


Research shows that as athletes age, their aerobic and anaerobic capacity decreases, even in highly trained athletes. Coach and author Joe Friel suggests that to minimize your loss of fitness you should mix up your training to add more anaerobic work. Learn more about this concept and how this slight modification may lead to retaining your fitness longer.

Applying the Numbers Part 3: Training Stress Balance


In the final installment of Applying the Numbers, Joe Friel explains how you can use the Performance Management Chart to manage your Fitness, Fatigue, and Form.

Applying the Numbers Part 2: Training Stress Score


In part 2 of Applying the Numbers, Joe Friel explains how to use Training Stress ScoreĀ® (TSSĀ®) to estimate increases and decreases in your Chronic Training Load (CTL).

Applying the Numbers Part 1: Chronic Training Load


This is the first in a three part series from Joe Friel to help you understand and apply Chronic Training Load, Training Stress Score, and Training Stress Balance. These three metrics work together, so knowing how to use them in conjunction with each other can boost your training. In this article, learn about Chronic Training Load (CTL) and how to use historical data to pinpoint your best CLT number.

Why Ramp Rate is an Important Training Metric


Ramp rate is a metric that monitors your rate of increase or decrease in your fitness over a set time. Coach Joe Friel explains what Ramp Rate is and how you can find the correct rate for you.

Fast After 50: High Intensity Interval Training and the Aging Athlete


Athletes over fifty tend to move towards long, slow distance training. However, as Joe Friel points out, adding high intensity training may be what you need to reach your potential.

Functional Threshold Power: The Most Important Power Metric


Of all the metrics associated with using a power meter, Functional Threshold Power is the key. Coach Joe Friel lays out what FTP is, why it’s important and how to test for it.

The Efficiency Factor in Running


Efficiency is a key factor for improving your running. Monitor your Efficiency Factor in TrainingPeaks to ensure you are become a more efficient, and faster runner. 

How To Start Mountain Bike Training With Power


You’ve been hearing how using a power meter can make you a better off-road rider and perhaps even get you to the podium. So, you got one, but now what?

Climbing Tips For Cyclists


With the 100th Tour de France fast approaching we turned one of Joe Friel's classic articles, "Climbing Like a Tour Rider", into a slideshow tutorial.  Get schooled in the art of climbing.

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