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Planning the Run Season From General to Specific


Many coaches look at the base period as a time of easy paced miles to build a large base for the coming season. However, Coach Jeff Boele believes that a higher fitness level can be achieved by incorporating more pace specific work. Learn more about how you can incorporate his methods in your coaching.

3 Tips for Training Between the Cross Country and Track Seasons


Bridging the gap between cross country season and track season is difficult for most coaches. High school run coach Jeff Boele has 3 tips that you can use to keep your athletes in shape and ready.

Neural Training: A Different Ingredient for Endurance Training for Runners


At the end of your run season, it’s good to take a break to refresh. However, when you start training again you may want to consider adding in a new type of training that will help you improve. Coach Jeff Boele lays out the case for neural training and shows how you can implement it into your routine.

5 Activities to Improve Your Running Form


Good run form has many benefits, including added speed, efficiency and injury prevention. Coach Jeff Boele lays out a series of exercises you can do to help you improve your form.

Take Precaution to Avoid Cramps


Half marathons can really punish your legs, particularly your quads and calves. Here's how you can prevent cramping and that "heavy" feeling. 

Periodization for Ancillary Training


Periodization of your training is a key aspect to success. Not only do you need to consider your main sport; biking, running, etc. but also how to structure ancillary training like strength training and nutrition. Follow these suggestions to better plan your entire training.

Mix Up Your Running With Cross Country Training


Use cross country style run training to adapt workouts, relieve stress and possibly reduce the risk of injury.

Building General Strength for Running


A simple general strength routine can go a long way towards making you a faster and more complete runner. Using just your bodyweight, general strength movements are a great addition to your routine.