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strength and mobility

Are Strength and Mobility Holding You Back?


Find out if mobility and strength imbalances are limiting your performance, and try these two easy stretches to help unlock your potential.

How to Avoid Letting Social Pressure Derail Your Training


Every athlete experiences social pressure in training and racing, often to their detriment. Here's how to become impervious to race FOMO, training anxiety, and even gear envy.

Is Bilateral Breathing Essential For Triathletes?


Your breathing pattern during the swim can affect many different things. Coach Heather Hagan Casey explains what bi lateral breathing is, and why it is a technique that every triathlete should master.

Identifying Movement Imbalances At Home


Every athlete has imbalances, but identifying them on your own can be difficult. Coach Heather Hagan outlines movements you can do to pinpoint your own imbalances and exercises to correct them.

2 Layering Methods for Cold Weather Training


Proper layering is essential for cold weather training. Coach Heather Hagan outlines two very different strategies that could help you not only be more comfortable, but also help prevent serious issues like Raynaud’s Disease.

4 Steps To Address an Imbalanced Body


The repetitive nature of endurance sports can quickly lead to imbalances in your body. Now is the best time to reveal and address those imbalances. These steps from coach Heather Hagan will guide you to becoming a stronger and healthier athlete.