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Adjusting Your Functional Threshold Power for Indoor Riding


As cyclists and triathletes are forced onto their trainers during the winter, many wonder why they cannot produce the same power indoors as they can outdoors. Expert power coach Hunter Allen outlines the various factors that come into play and offers his tips on how to ensure you are training in the right zones.

The Power Demands of the Road World Championships


The course for the 2015 Road World Championships in Richmond, Virginia has several crucial sections that will make for a very animated race. Hunter Allen breaks down the course to show what a rider will need to do if they want to wear the Rainbow Jersey.

Using The New WKO4 Elevation Corrected Power Chart


Of the many new charts available in WKO4, the Elevation Corrected Power Chart may be the most anticipated. We used power files from Lachlan Norris of Team Drapac from the recent USA Pro Challenge to show how this chart function.

WKO4 Case Study: From Beginning Junior to Category 1 Racer


In 2009, Venezuelan Gilbert DuCournau left his home to come to the US to pursue his dream of becoming a professional bike racer. His coach Hunter Allen has worked with him using the tools of WKO to help him reach that goal.

New Pedaling Charts and Metrics in WKO4


With more power meters measuring left/right power balance, WKO4 has specific charts to use that data for analysis into your pedal stroke. Co-developer Hunter Allen explains these four charts and how you can use them to improve your pedal stroke and power output.

4 Key Uses for the Power Duration Model


The Power Duration Model is one of the most powerful charts found in WKO4. Here, co-developers Tim Cusick and Hunter Allen explain four ways for you to use the PDM to focus your training.

Individualizing Your Training With WKO4


Every athlete has their own unique physiology, strengths, and weakness. By individualizing your training, you can get the most from workout to help you reach your goals.

WKO4: Insight Accelerated


Learning the strengths and weaknesses of each athletes is a critical component in coaching. Co-developer Tim Cusick explains how using WKO4 will provide you with those insights faster than ever before.

Power Numbers From The Spring Classics


Until recently, we have not known the exact demands of the Spring Classics, but with some recent power files downloaded from one of the best Classic riders, we have been able to define exactly the demands of these races.

5 Key Attributes of Winning Athletes


Whether it’s on the bicycle, in the pool, on the soccer field, or in the office, winners are striving for the best they can be. They aren’t afraid of hard work; as a matter of fact they love it, crave it, absorb it and become better from it. 

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