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How to Nail the Boston Marathon


From pre-race preparations to course logistics, here's your mile-by-mile race day guide for a fun, fast and memorable day on the Boston Marathon course.

Your First IRONMAN: What to Expect


Are you hoping to become an IRONMAN this year? This guide will show you how to prepare for the event, what to expect during the race, and how your life will forever change once you cross the finish line.

build phase running

How to Properly Execute Your Build Phase for Running


A proper build phase builds a strong foundation, increases your endurance and plans for proper recovery periods so you can arrive on the start line in peak performance shape.


The Importance of Easy Run Days


Easy runs are an important component of your weekly mileage and not to be overlooked. Follow these four steps to ensure you make the most of your easy run days.

What Should Runners Look For in a Training Plan?


Finding the right run training plan involves finding a long-term strategy that will adjust accordingly as you head down the road toward the starting line.

5 Tips For Sticking to Your Training Plan


You have your "A" race in mind and training is likely underway, so don't let your goal slip away because you didn't have a clear plan of action for how to stay motivated.

How to Properly Fuel For Your Morning Run


Take into consideration the type of run you have ahead of you when planning your pre-workout nutrition.

Beat Those Wintertime Blues and Find Your Training Motivation


Don’t let these common off-season excuses keep you from training and planning your 2017 racing season.