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An Introduction to TrainingPeaks Metrics: Part Two


Learn more about how Variability Index, Efficiency Factor and Decoupling can help you pace better and measure your fitness over time.

An Introduction to TrainingPeaks Metrics


Everything you need to know to get started tracking important TrainingPeaks metrics so you can accurately plan your training and measure your progress.


Announcing the New Home View for Coaches


The new Home view for coaches allows you to easily see all of your athlete’s data in one place—making planning, tracking and communicating with your athletes easier than ever.

Stay on Track With the New Structured Workout Overlay


Introducing the structured workout overlay—a fast and easy way to compare what you did to what was planned.

Export Workouts, Import Fitness: The Benefits of Structured Workout Exports


The new structured workout export feature allows you to create individualized workouts custom-tailored to your physiology so you can reach your training and racing goals faster and easier than ever.

How To Plan Your Season with Training Stress Score


The best workouts are measured by both duration and intensity. Learn how to plan your season with Training Stress Score (TSS) and event Fitness (CTL) methodologies to reach your peak performance for race day.

Using the Tools of File Analysis


Analyzing power files is not as difficult as it may first seem. TrainingPeaks Education Manager Dave Schell takes you through his process of analyzing a power file to help you get started.

8 Ways to Motivate Your Athletes To Upload Their Workout Data


One of the biggest issues facing coaches is getting their athletes to upload their data on a regular basis. Try these 8 tips from TrainingPeaks Education Manager Dave Schell to get your athletes in the habit of uploading on a daily basis.

The Top 7 Dashboard Charts for Coaches


For coaches, the Dashboard is an incredibly effective way to view long term fitness trends, gauge fatigue and freshness, and monitor your athletes. TrainingPeaks' Director of Education Dave Schell shows the top seven charts for coaches to use.

TrainingPeaks University Continues to Grow


TrainingPeaks University teaches coaches how to be more efficient, best business practices and how to analyze data. Here is a quick look back at how TPU has grown to 9 events across the world, and a look ahead to where we are taking it.