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How to Build Workouts


Creating workouts can be a fun, but often challenging aspect for coaches. Use this framework from Coach Derek Loudermilk to help guide your process and creative effective workouts for your athletes.

How Coaches Prescribe Workouts for Athletes


For athletes, knowing why you are doing a workout can be motivating. Learn the basics of coaching structure to better understand why you are doing certain workouts and get the big picture.

How to Find Ideal Clients


Coaches should be selective with the athletes they bring on board. It takes some time to learn the type of clients you prefer, but once you do you can filter your prospects to get the right athletes.

A Healthy Gut and Performance


Proper gut health is very often overlooked by endurance athletes. A diverse diet can improve your gut health and help you stay healthy and strong.

Using Email To Communicate Effectively


Communicating effectively with your athletes is as much a part of coaching as planning a schedule or giving advice. These days, most coaches are communicating via email, which has it’s own set of pros and cons.