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New Training Methodologies and the Road Ahead


In light of some recent chatter around Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and the new 4DP training methodology from our partners at Sufferfest, I would like to make clear our view on the topic. At TrainingPeaks, we welcome new ideas and advancements in training theories and methodologies. It was just a little over two years ago […]

Introducing TrainingPeaks Workout Builder


Available today, coaches and athletes can now easily build structured workouts with dynamic training targets and auto-calculated workout TSS.

Announcing Season Planning with Training Stress Score


Available today, you can now design your annual training plan using Training Stress Score (TSS). Plan your ATP more precisely using both duration and intensity.


How to Analyze a Tour de France Power File


TrainingPeaks co-founder and power expert Dirk Friel shares the secrets of how he analyzes a Tour de France power file.

A Day in the Life at the Team Tinkoff Training Camp


It is the time of year for World Tour cycling teams to head to warm climates and begin their season training. TrainingPeaks President Dirk Friel attended the recent Team Tinkoff training camp held in Gran Canaria. He describes what a typical day at camp is like and shares a file from one of Rafal Majka's endurance rides.

A Grand Finale – Gabriel Rasch’s Final Ride at Paris-Roubaix


Here is a look into the numbers Gabriel Rasch had to produce to help his team and finish the Paris-Roubaix.

Tour of California vs. Tour de France


The Tour of California is just as difficult as the hardest week of the Tour de France; coach Dirk Friel explains why.