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Sidelined: Reduce Stress to Avoid Injury


Although injury is a risk you accept when you make the choice to pursue athletic endeavors, reducing stress can mitigate that risk.


3 Things You Need to Do Before Setting Your Next Race Goal


Follow these three tips from mental skills expert Carrie Cheadle to make sure your next big racing or training goal becomes reality.

VIDEO: Excerpt From Carrie Cheadle’s Online Webinar “Get On Top of Your Mental Game”


In this clip from mental skills expert Carrie Cheadle, she discusses one of the top-five mental challenges she sees endurance athletes face.


How to Come Back Mentally Stronger from an Injury


Three simple ways you can rehab your mental game at the same time as an injury to return to competition more confident than ever.


3 Tips For Dealing with the Emotional Roller Coaster of Injury


These three tips will help you keep your mental game in check when injury strikes so you can get back to the starting line confidently and quickly.

Increase Your Race Day Confidence with Simulation Training


The pressure to perform on race day can quickly take the enjoyment out of training and racing. Using simulation training can help you be more confident and relax your mind and body in order to perform your best on race day.

3 Mental Training Tips for Getting Better at Dealing with Pain


Pain is part of every endurance sport. How you handle that pain can make the difference between achieving your goal and falling short. These three tips from Carrie Cheadle will help you dig deeper and perform your best on race day.

5 Simple Strategies for Overcoming Race Day Nerves


Every athletes gets nervous before the start of a race. Use these five strategies from Carrie Cheadle to overcome your nerves and have a great race.

Developing Mental Toughness: Are you Tough Enough?


Being mentally tough can make the difference between meeting your goal or falling short. Mental skills expert Carrie Cheadle explains the four key elements to mental toughness and tips on how you can develop a stronger, more resilient mind.

5 Stress-Reducing Tools to Deal with Injury


Injuries happen. How you deal with them makes the difference between letting it get the better of you or coming back stronger. Here are 5 strategies to help you manage the psychological effects of being injured. 

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