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Staying Motivated For Your Training Resolution


Staying motivated after the rush of New Year’s resolutions is not easy. Following these simple steps will help you stay motivated and on track to meet your goals.

Goal Setting For the Dreaming Season


The process of setting a goal starts with being in the right frame of mind. Author Carrie Barrett sets out four steps you can take to start your Dreaming Season right.

Three Workouts for Better Hill Running


Running hills may not be pleasant, but it is a key component to building run specific strength. These three strategies can be used by all runners to become a stronger runner and make hills your favorite workout.

Kim Bramblett Begins Her Own Kona Story


After leading many others to the Big Island, this Georgia coach is finally heading there herself via the IRONMAN Legacy Program.

Three Trail Running Specific Workouts


Getting out on trails is a great way for runners to break out of their road rut and still get in a great workout. Here are three trail specific workouts that will help you run faster on any surface.

Master Your Long Run Training


Runners, and athletes in general, are all an experiment of one. A long run strategy that works for one may not necessarily work for another. The only tried and true successful plan is one that supports individual goals, limitations, personalities, time constraints, and abilities.

Three Keys to Injury Free Running


The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation estimates that over 70% of runners will get injured during training. While there is no magic one-size-fits-all training formula, there are key elements in any training plan that can get you to the start line both injury free and in peak physical condition.

Male Versus Female Athletes, Part 2: Equipment and Apparel


Men and women are not created equal (thank goodness, right?) and these differences not only affect our fueling needs, but also our selection of equipment, bikes, components and apparel.

Male Versus Female Athletes, Part 1: Nutrition


In part 1 of this three-part series, we explore whether there are differences in nutritional needs between men and women.

Which Triathlon Distance Should I Race?


According to USA Triathlon, participation in triathlon is at an all-time high, following unprecedented growth over the last decade. This is good news for participants as new races are popping up to keep up with the demand. 

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