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How to Avoid Burnout During Cyclocross Season


Whether cyclocross is your main event, or just a way to kill time between seasons, the risk of burnout is real, especially after a long summer of training. Here's how to stay stoked on 'cross (and racing well) for the whole season through.

5 Trainer Workouts to Help You Stay Fresh This Winter


Stuck indoors? Make the most of this time with these five trainer workouts designed for maximum efficiency in the shortest amount of time.

Chronic Intensity Load: A New Measure of Training Load Based on Intensity Factor


With WKO4, coaches and athletes can create their own charts and graphs to view the data they want. Coaches Chris Baddick and Dave Schell have created one such chart Chronic Intensity Load, as a way to measure the fitness gains of a workout based on intensity of a workout more than duration. Find out more about this new chart for WKO4.

Finding your Maximum: Using VO2 Max in Training


VO2 Maximum is a metric that can be a measure of your full athletic potential. Chris Baddick explains what it is, the controversy around it, and how you can train using it as a guide.

3 Keys to Training for Enduro Racing


Enduro racing takes speed, strength, and endurance. Learn how to build these three key elements to get to the bottom first.

Using Beet Juice to Improve Performance


Five years after the first research was published we have a greater understanding of how and why beets boost performance and how we can get the greatest benefit possible. This is a guide to optimizing your beet intake.