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Run Analysis: Amy Van Alstine’s Win at the Cross Country National Championships


Northern Arizona Elite runner Amy Van Alstine won her second Cross Country National Championship on December 12th. Her coach Ben Rosario gives his account of the day, along with analysis of her run file.

The Benefits of Winter Running


For runners, the winter months can mean struggling through treadmill workouts. However, there is an alternative: bundle up and head outside. Coach Ben Rosario provides 4 reasons you should brave the nasty weather this winter.

Making the Most of Your Off-Season


Every endurance athlete knows they need to take some time off. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to be ready for next season. Coach Ben Rosario has four step you can take to improve that don’t require you to elevate your heart rate.

Setting a Marathon PR: Matt Llano’s Training for the Berlin Marathon


American Matt Llano ran a new PR of 2:12:28 at the Berlin Marathon last weekend, placing him 13th overall and the first American. His coach Ben Rosario explains the planning and training that lead up to race day.

4 Steps to Your Perfect Marathon Taper


Training for a marathon is difficult, but for many, the hardest part of a marathon is getting the taper right. Learn from coach Ben Rosario four easy steps you can take to make sure you are fresh and ready for race day.

Why Runners Should Train on Pavement


Many runners avoid the pavement in an attempt to minimize injury. However, coach Ben Rosario makes the case for running on hard surfaces in order to prepare for race day.

A Twist on the Yasso 800s Workouts


If you have ever trained for and run a marathon, you’ve likely heard of the Yasso 800 workout. This classic marathon preparation workout gets an update from Northern Arizona Elite Running Team coach Ben Rosario.

5 Tips to Qualify for the Boston Marathon


Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is a dream goal for many athletes. With qualifying times recently being lowered, it is harder than ever to make it to the start of this prestigious event. Coach Ben Rosario gives you five tips you can follow to reach the start line in Boston.

Run Analysis: Matt Llano’s L.A. Marathon Performance


HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite Head Coach Ben Rosario dissects Matt Llano's sixth-place (2nd American) performance in the USATF Marathon Championships at the L.A. Marathon

Kellyn Taylor Runs 6th Fastest Marathon Debut by North American Female


Northern Arizona Elite’s Kellyn Taylor ran the sixth fastest debut marathon for an American female last weekend at the Houston Marathon. Her coach Ben Rosario breaks down the training that lead to her amazing day.

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