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What Kind of Carbohydrates To Eat During Your Race: Liquids Vs. Solids


"During exercise, liquid foods always digest better than solid foods." At least, that’s what it seems everyone is saying these days. Ben Greenfield digs deeper into this claim.

Five Things to Do the 5 Weeks Before Ironman


It's official. The countdown has begun and you now have 5 weeks before your big Ironman. So what do you do? 

When Should You Start Your Ironman Triathlon Training?


This time of year, most long distance triathletes finally jump into some kind of structured training protocol, or even hire a coach or purchase a training plan to start into their Ironman training.

How To Build Power In Your Triathlon Off-Season


Ben Greenfield explains why explosive movements can benefit your triathlon fitness, and how to build power in your off-season.

Top 3 High Performance Lessons I Learned in 2012


Each year, I implement new methods in my training or learn important lessons that help me to become a better, more healthy triathlete. In 2012, I learned 3 valuable high performance lessons, which I’ll share with you below.

Should Triathletes Do Yoga? Part 2, Dynamic Stretching


In Part 1 of this series, you learned that yoga will not reduce your risk of injury or make you faster, but it does have benefits such as relaxation, meditation and breath control. 

Should Triathletes Do Yoga? Part 1


Should triathletes do yoga? Find out in part one of this two-part series.

Ironman Kona: 5 Tips For Conquering The Climb To Hawi


In this post, you’ll get 5 tips on how to conquer the climb to Hawi with proper pacing and mental preparation.

Endurance Training And Sex Drive


It’s time to dive into the relationship between endurance training and sex drive – and for those of you who may be shy, I will warn you that this article acknowledges the existence of sex.

Faster Healing For Blisters, Cuts, Scrapes, And Bruises


Whether you’ve recently scraped yourself up in a bike accident, sprouted blisters from breaking in new running shoes, or have some other skin condition you need to address, here are my top 4 tips for healing skin faster.

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