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Training With Data at the High School, College and Professional Level


Briana Boehmer talks with three coaches to see how the use of data changes across each level of competition. From starting in High School to competing as a professional, using data to increase performance is part of the game.

3 Key Workouts For Your First Half Marathon


Stepping up to the half marathon can be a daunting challenge. Here are three key elements you can work on to help you meet that challenge and achieve your goal.

Improve Your Running with Three Key Workouts


Here are three specific workouts I aim to incorporate regularly into short distance training that can improve your 5 and 10K time whether you are just starting out with running or you have been at it for years. 

Winter Running Motivation: Use the Weather to Your Advantage


Lets face it, there are many days during the winter months where training can be tough. So how do we find the motivation to run on days that give us little reason to crank out the miles?