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Beyond TSS

Planning for Performance: Going Beyond TSS


Planning your athlete's training should include more than just performance data. Coach Andy Kirkland walks through other important considerations you should make when prescribing training to your athlete.

Meerkats and Moles

Meerkats & Moles: How to Become an Expert Coach


There are countless methods and strategies endurance sport coaches use to push their athletes, but that doesn't mean they are created equal. Expert Coach Andy Kirkland explains how he approaches coaching, new information, and expertise.


Expert Instruction: What Does It Depend On?


Being a good coach comes down to your willingness to be open-minded and factually rigorous at the same time. Here’s how one successful coach constantly works toward that balance.


The Perfect IRONMAN 70.3 Taper Plan


Nail the IRONMAN 70.3 taper with these tips and key workouts for preparing you or your athlete’s body and mind for the demands of race day.

How to Alleviate Common Mental Roadblocks For Your Athletes


Endurance sports involve just as much, and at times more, mental stress than physical. Here are three different ways you can help your athletes learn to adapt to common training and race-day stressors.

Having a Coaching Mindset


Coaching athletes is more than just creating a training plan. Coach Andy Kirkland outlines his ideas on the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to be successful and help athletes achieve their goals.

More Than Just Training: The Coach/Athlete Relationship


A successful coach/athlete relationship is built on trust and communication from both parties. Here, coach Andy Kirkland Ph.D. and top IRONMAN age group athlete Simone Dailey talk about how they work together to optimize performance.