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Power Analysis: Cannondale-Drapac’s Will Clarke at Milan San Remo


In his first Milan San Remo, Cannondale-Drapac’s Will Clarke managed to get in the main break early on and stay in it for most of this grueling, 291-kilometer long spring classic. Here’s an inside look into what his power file tells us about his race.

Bike Focused Training Blocks for Long Course Triathletes


Trying to raise your fitness across three sports can be a struggle for triathletes. Instead of balancing your training, coach AJ Johnson suggests you may be better focusing on a single sport. He gives his tips and advice for performing a bike focused training block.

How To Get Started Using a Heart Rate Monitor


Training with a heart rate monitor is a great way to begin using objective data to track your fatigue, fitness, and ensure that you are progressing. These tips from expert coaches will help you get started with the basics of using your heart rate monitor.

Winter Training for The IRONMAN Athlete


Most triathletes look to build their base fitness over the winter. However, with so many IRONMAN events now late in the race season, is that still necessary. Coach AJ Johnson explains why now is the time to focus on intensity to get faster.

4 Steps to Hiring a Coach


Hiring a coach is a great step towards achieving your goals. Using these steps as guide to make the process smoother and to find the right coach for you.

Lessons from Kona: How to Nail an Ironman Bike


We take a look back at professional and age group power files from the 2012 and 2013 IRONMAN World Championships to highlight the elements that make up a successful IRONMAN® bike. You can use these same principles to have a successful ride at your next race.

Four Ways to Recover Like a Tour Rider


Riding the Tour de France requires not only being a strong bike rider, but also the ability to recover from enormous efforts in a short time. Here's a look at some of the techniques they use to stay in the saddle.

Coaching Q&A: How to Build Your Coaching Business


A common question among all coaches is how they can grow their business. Many coaches are great at the actual coaching, but the business of running a business trips them up. Here are some tips and pieces of advice from four top coaches.

A Plan for a Marathon PR


Stephen Scholz was on a journey to break four hours at the 2013 New York Marathon. After two close attempts he used a plan from Hal Higdon, overcame an injury and lined up more prepared than ever.

How to Find New Clients in 90 Days


A common issue that most coaches face is the task of finding new clients. Here's a few tactics that will help you sign new clients during this crucial time of year.

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