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How to “Bank” Sleep Before Your Next Ultramarathon


Most athletes know that sleep can have a huge effect on their wellbeing and performance. But what if the nature of your event requires sleep deprivation?


9 Exercises and Stretches to Improve Your Posture for Better Overall Health and Performance


Don’t let your daily habits derail all your hard training. These nine stretches and posture activation exercises will help you stand up tall and relieve pain.

5 Activities to Boost Your Post-Run Recovery


Recovering after your run is critical if you want to be consistent in your training. To help you stay injury free and be ready for the next day, Adam Hodges recommends you create a post-run ritual. Here are five activities to incorporate into your own ritual.

Fuel Your Training with Natural Energy Alternatives


If you are looking for new ways to stay energized for your training, try these healthy alternatives.

How to Train The Three Most Important Muscles in Running


Running involves the coordination of hundreds of muscles, but some are more critical than others. Read more to learn which three muscles Coach Adam Hodges believes are the most important running muscles.

How to Minimize Jet Lag When Crossing Time Zones to Race


Flying across time zones for your big event can cause jet lag and hinder your performance. Fight the effects of traveling across time zones with these tips from Adam Hodges.

Differentiating Between Training and Racing Nutrition Strategies


Nutrition is a key part of both training and racing. However, how you fuel for a session is not necessarily how you should fuel for a race. Coach Adam Hodges explains how to tailor your fueling strategy to get the most from your body.

The ABCs of a Systematic Training Program


The following is excerpted from The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Systematic, Recovery Based Training by Adam Hodges.

Drills for Proper Running Form


Triathletes widely recognize the importance of good form in the pursuit of increased efficiency. Yet that same dedication to technique and form often takes a backseat in the discipline of running. 

The Dynamic Run Warm-up, Part 2: Dynamic Stretching


We discussed Neuromuscular Activation in Part 1 of this series. Now we are now ready to move into the second part: Dynamic Stretching.

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