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How Monitoring Your Heart Rate Variability Helps You Avoid Overtraining


Tracking your Heart Rate Variability provides additional insight into your readiness to accept training load, helping you ward off injury, illness and overtraining. 

3 Key Metrics of Effective Data Analysis for Coaches


With the wealth of data now available to coaches, being selective about which data is the most important is a must. Coach Alan Couzens outlines the three metrics that are priority for him and explains how he uses them to both analyze and prescribe workouts.

Further or Faster: When to Go from Base to Build


With the spring season starting up, many athletes will begin to wonder, “When is the right time to start some faster workouts?” Here's how to use the Peak Power chart to determine when to transition from base to build.

Load and Performance


One of the most common requests I receive as a coach is to don my prognosticator hat and answer the question “How fast will I go on race day”.