Posts by Dr. Andrew Coggan, Ph.D.

WKO4: New Metrics for Running With Power


Running with power is a new frontier, and there are many questions that are still unanswered. However, Dr. Andrew Coggan continues to find new metrics that add understanding and meaning to the data. Learn about the new Run Dashboard he has created, which include four new charts and several new metrics.

Individualized Training: The What, Why, and How Of the New WKO4 iLevels


The new iLevels in WKO4 can help you train more effectively and efficiently. Dr. Andrew Coggan explains the basis for the new iLevels and how you can use them to improve.

Power Training Zones for Cycling


Setting the correct power training zones is critical to improving as a cyclist or triathlete. Dr. Andy Coggan explains the system for setting zones, as well as how to determine your threshold and other variables that factor into training with power.  

What Is Functional Threshold Power?


Knowing your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is critical to accurately analyzing your workouts and seeing long term trends. While lab testing is the most accurate method to determine this, it is not feasible for many. A more convenient and possibly more accurate way of determining your FTP is therefore to simply rely on data collected using your power meter in the field.

Normalized Power, Intensity Factor and Training Stress Score


Explanations of Normalized Power® , Intensity Factor® , and Training Stress Score® by Dr. Andy Coggan, co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter.

WKO4 Case Study: The Making of a Champion Cyclist as Viewed Through the Lens of the WKO4 Power-Durat


The Power Duration Model is extremely valuable in viewing changes in an athlete both within a season and across seasons. In this case study, Dr. Andrew Coggan shows how he was able to use it, along with other powerful charts in WKO4 to coach a champion cyclist.  

Scientific Basis of the New Power Duration Model in WKO4


The mathematical model of the power-duration relationship implemented in WKO4 is conceptually and statistically robust, and provides precise, unbiased estimates of key parameters reflective of important physiological determinants of performance. As such, it provides a sound “foundation” upon which other calculations can be based, resulting in a more individualized, and hence optimized, approach to power-based training.

Power Profiling


Andy Coggan adds some objectivity to finding your strengths and weaknesses, by creating a "power profile" using your power data.  Find out how to compare your power to those of your competitors.