An Update on WKO4

An Update on WKO4

WKO4 is now available on both Mac and PC.

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Many people have been wondering about the status of WKO4. I thought now would be a good time to briefly explain the delay and update you on its development.

When we started this project, we made the decision to enhance the standard paradigm of endurance sports analytics and introduce new tracking and analysis functionality through the development of new science, designed by Dr.Andy Coggan, Hunter Allen and the WKO team. This meant we moved away from simply building an upgrade of WKO3 and took on the challenge of a totally new approach. This new approach created the need for a more hearty, interactive product.

As we grew closer to the release date and introduced more features we discovered two things. First, the utilization of our new science and tracking system led us to new ideas and usages which required extremely robust software. Secondly, the software needed a user experience that allowed for all endurance athletes to understand and learn from the analytics. This led to us to taking on the challenge of upgrading the app to a system based approach that will allow for significant improvements in analysis while also improving the user experience.

The end result is that WKO4 is not just an update of WKO3, it is a dynamic upgrade in endurance training, tracking and analysis that serves as a tool to continue to build and enhance knowledge in order to achieve results. 

In the last few months we have accomplished a lot. We have completely rebuilt the user interface for a second time, sped up calculations, and greatly improved the workflow of the entire system. WKO4 is now at a point where the system features go well beyond what we intended to release last December and is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Here are a few definitive answers we can give right now. Yes, it will be released this year, it will run on both Mac and Windows, and it has some amazing new features to make use of your training data.

So while we’re making good progress, we are still working towards a fully polished and tested product that meets our high standards of professional, commercial software. We are not looking to simply build another data-graphing app, rather, we want to continue to lead the world and deliver nothing short of the absolute best experience possible. It’s a tall order and we’re committed to quality, which takes time. Thank you for your patience, you’ll hear more from me in the near future.

Gear Fisher

Gear Fisher is the CEO and co-founder of TrainingPeaks. He uploaded his first power file in 2001 and continues to drive innovation for all endurance athletes and coaches. He is also the proud owner of a high performance bamboo mountain bike and can be found along the trails of the Front Range. Follow him on Twitter'@gearfisher.