2014 Ironman World Championships Power Analysis

2014 Ironman World Championships Power Analysis

The IRONMAN® World Championships showcase some of the fittest athletes in the world. We took a look at some of the top professional men and women, as well as age groupers, to see what type of numbers they put out over 112 miles.

Pro Men

Ben Hoffman – 2nd Place – 8:19:23

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  • Over the full 112 miles, Hoffman averaged 274W, or 3.81 W/kg,
  • During the 17 minute climb to Hawi, Hoffman put out 313 watts and only averaged 17.6 mph.
  • Hoffman kept the power down on the descent from Hawi averaging 275 watts and 38.7 mph.


Frederik Van Lierde – 8th Place – 8:24:11

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  • *Due to Interference from TV motorcycles or possibly his computer placement, some of his data did not get recorded
  • Up Hawi, Van Lierde average 345 watts, or 4.8 W/kg.
  • Van Lierde pushed an average of 286W over the last 30 minutes of the ride.
  • His cadence was steady at 90 and 91 rpm for both of these sections.


Maik Twelsiek – 11th Place – 8:31:06

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  • Twelsiek put out 304 watts over the first 56 miles and burned 2445 calories.
  • Climbing and descending Hawi, Twelsiek averaged 292 watts over a 30 minute span.
  • Twelsiek averaged 40.4 kph  (25 mph), in the final 32 miles after Kawaihae.


Craig Alexander – 13th Place – 8:36:25

screen-shot-2014-10-15-at-8-59-00-pm View his Power File

  • Alexander set his peak 20 minute power right at the start by averaging 269 watts, or 3.95 W/kg.
  • Over his 4:40 bike, Alexander burned 3883 calories.
  • In the first 56 miles Alexander averaged a cadence of 95 rpm and kept that steady averaging 93 rpm over the back half.


Kyle Buckingham – 25th Place – 8:50:28

kylebkonapower View his Quarq Power File

  • Buckingham pushed early, averaging 284 watts, or 4W/kg., for the first half of the bike.
  • This effort was big and Buckingham dropped to 245 watts, or 3.45W/kg, over the last half.
  • Buckingham expended 4511 calories over the whole ride and averaged 38.1 kph (23mph)



Caroline Steffen – 5th Place – 9:12:43

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  • Steffen’s peak 1 hour power came in the early miles along the Queen K and she averaged 226 watts while going 22.3 mph.
  • Like many pro women, Steffen prefers a bit lower cadence averaging 79 rpm.
  • Over the full 112 miles Steffen burned 3606 calories and averaged 22.1 mph.


Mary Beth Ellis – 9th Place – 9:20:46

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  • Ellis went up the climb to Hawi averaging 213 watts, or 4.08 W/kg, at 15.5 mph.
  • On the short climb up Kawaihae, Ellis averaged 208 watts, 3.99 W/kg.
  • Her peak 20 minute power came at miles 42 through 50 where she held 239 watts.



Brad Williams – 25th Place Men’s 25-29 – 9:40:08

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  • Williams averaged 216 watts and 22.5 mph to dip under the 5 hour mark on the bike.
  • His peak 20 minute power was set early and he pushed 264 watts.
  • Williams hit his peak speed of 43.2 mph and peak cadence of 114 rpm coming down Hawi.