2013 Report on the State of Endurance Coaching


We’ve conducted our 2013 survey on the state of endurance coaching. This was a world-wide effort with the goal simply to shed some light on an industry with little shared data about itself. Endurance coaching as a business is relatively new and reports on the industry have been few and far between. We look forward to being able to compare data year-to-year and identify trends in the industry. 

With the help of several international national governing bodies and other partners across the world, we distributed the survey via the internet and received hundreds of responses. The survey was open to any coach, not just TrainingPeaks customers. While we don’t claim the results to be scientifically verified, we do think there is a great deal of valuable information contained in the results. You will see from the results that the survey is skewed towards triathlon coaches, making up 69% of responders. Cycling coaches comprised the next largest group at 20%. Running was 6%, and the remainder of coaches were a mix of mountain biking, general fitness and swimming.

Key points we learned through the survey

  • The biggest pain points that coaches face are finding new clients, getting clients to log data, and finding time for themselves.
  • The average monthly fee for coaching services across all sports is $162. 
  • Coaches told us that they do not raise their prices, or they only do so every 2-3 years. Few raise them every year or after more than 3 years.
  • The average number of clients a coach has is 15, but the average number of clients a coach would like to have is 21.
  • 85% of coaches surveyed have a coaching license from their NGB and would recommend the certification.
  • The most popular way to deliver training to athletes is via web-based coaching software, with email being 2nd runner-up.
  • Word of mouth is the primary means of finding new clients, with Facebook as the most effective social media channel for finding clients.

As most industries tend to evolve and change over the years, so has endurance coaching. We hope the data provided in this and future surveys help coaches better understand the market, and ultimately to grow their business and their industry. We’ve had a front-row view of the business of endurance coaching as it has evolved through the years, and we’re excited about what the next decade has in store. It is our plan to distribute this survey yearly and track changing trends as they emerge.

Download the full survey results now